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    Updated 2/13/19

    Updated 2/13/19

    Open Hockey Dates

    Day Date Time
    Tuesday 2/19 8-9:30pm
    Thursday 2/21 8-9:30pm

    *Time changed due to rescheduling final rounds of Big Fix Tournament
    Open hockey is $5/player or FREE if registered for the upcoming 2019 Spring season. 

    3rd Annual Big Fix Tournament Gold Division!

    Sign up NOW for the 3rd Annual Big Fix Tournament where ALL proceeds raised from the tournament will be used to help retire our faithful, 20 year old scoreboard!

    • Gold Division - 2/23/19 from 12pm~6pm

    For more information and registration, click HERE

    Referee Clinic/Meeting

    If you've ever been interested in refereeing, but didn't know how to get's your chance!

    Referee clinic/meeting for ANYONE looking to referee in the 2019 Spring Season. New and old referees are required to attend in order to be scheduled for future games. We want to make sure we all work together as a team and are on the same page.
    (Referee clinic/meetings will occur once before every season)
    Meeting will be held at Palmetto Golf Course meeting room (next to the rink) on Thursday 2/21 at 8pm and should only take 1 hour.
    There will be punch and pie...or at least some food and drinks supplied.

    Meeting will cover:

    • Basic rules and positioning-BRING YOUR SKATES
    • Open book test
    • Uniforms/Whistles
    • Scheduling
    • What is expected of MRH referees moving forward

    To RSVP for meeting, please text or call (305) 859-1818.

    Miami Roller Hockey

    Miami Roller Hockey league aims to provide and teach the fundamentals of the game of roller hockey to the community, including core character values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and friendly competition. We currently offer leagues for adults 18 & over. We also offer clinics to beginners ages 4-14 who would like to learn how to skate and play the game of hockey.

    We believe that hockey is not only a sport, but it is also a community. Miami Roller Hockey offers a venue for athletes to play the game of hockey, but as an added bonus we also provide a place where strangers who arrive to play a game, end up leaving with a healthier attitude, life long friendships (that inevitably watch each other grow up on and off the court), and lessons to help shape and build character.

    Adult looking to play hockey?

    Do you like the game of hockey and want to start playing yourself? Or perhaps you're an experienced player who is new to town and looking for a team to join. Or just maybe it's been years since you last played, but you're looking to shake the dust off of the old skates. Either way, MRH has something for you!

    MiaRollerHockey Miami Roller Hockey MiaRollerHockey

    Miami Roller Rink

    9300 SW 152nd Street
    Miami, FL 33157

    (Palmetto Golf Course Parking Lot)

    Contact Us Miami Roller Hockey

    Contact Us Miami Roller Hockey

    Phone: 305-859-1818

    *NEW* MRH Weather Update Hotline

    (305) 209-4235