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    Miami Roller Hockey

    Miami Roller Hockey league aims to provide and teach the fundamentals of the game of roller hockey to the community, including core character values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and friendly competition. We currently offer leagues for adults 18 & over. We also offer clinics to beginners ages 4-14 who would like to learn how to skate and play the game of hockey.

    We believe that hockey is not only a sport, but it is also a community. Miami Roller Hockey offers a venue for athletes to play the game of hockey, but as an added bonus we also provide a place where strangers who arrive to play a game, end up leaving with a healthier attitude, life long friendships (that inevitably watch each other grow up on and off the court), and lessons to help shape and build character.

    Before/After 1 Session


    Have you signed up for our 'Learn to Play' Hockey clinics yet?

    Miami Roller Hockey hosts Learn to Play clinics for children who are looking for a sport to be active, build relationships, learn core values and have fun in the process. Our Learn to Play clinics will cover everything from how to properly stand in your skates to in-game strategy and even managing & maintaining your equipment! Our experienced coaches will guide your children from their very first wobbly step onto the rink to the moment they confidently skate off at the end

    Goal: The mission of our clinic is to provide a fun curricular for young athletes to learn, understand, and enjoy the game of hockey!

    Some of the many things we will learn:
    - How to skate!
    - Proper hockey stick use
    - Stickhandling & Shooting
    - Rules of the game
    - Penalties and other safety topics
    - Understanding & maintaining equipment

    For these clinics, we recommend anyone ages 4-14. Children preferably accompanied by someone who will assist the child during their lessons and will help the child practice what they learn at home.


    Skating techniques, stick handling, passing, shooting, equipment maintenance and more, while having fun!

    Youth Roller Hockey clinics are for boys and girls ages 4-14

    Clinic Schedule: 
    Every Saturday 
    9:00 - 9:30am: Free skate 
    9:30 - 10:30am: Instruction from coaches 
    10:30 - 11:00am: Free skate

    Clinic Registration Fee: 
    -1st clinic FREE 
    -$20 per clinic 
    -$100 package for 6 clinics

    All players are REQUIRED to wear the following equipment:

    Skates (preferably designed for inline hockey w/o brakes)

    Helmet (preferably designed for hockey w/cage)

    All players are strongly recommended to wear the following equipment:

    -Knee and shin protection 
    -Hockey gloves 
    -Elbow pads 
    -Hockey girdle 
    -Mouth guard 
    -Protective cup

    We look forward to see you at our Hockey Skills and Development clinics!!

     For more information, call (305) 859-1818

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    Miami Roller Rink

    9300 SW 152nd Street
    Miami, FL 33157

    (Palmetto Golf Course Parking Lot)

    MRH Weather Update Hotline

    (786) 671-1671

    Main Number Miami Roller Hockey

    Main Number Miami Roller Hockey

    Phone: 305-859-1818