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Miami Roller Hockey Info

About us...

Miami Roller Hockey aims to provide and teach the fundamentals of the game of roller hockey to the community, including core character values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and friendly competition. We currently offer youth and adult leagues for all ages! We also offer clinics to youth beginners who would like to learn how to skate and play the game of hockey.

We believe that hockey is not only a sport, but it is also a community. Miami Roller Hockey offers a venue for athletes to play the game of hockey, but as an added bonus we also provide a place where strangers who arrive to play a game, end up leaving with a healthier attitude, life long friendships (that inevitably watch each other grow up on and off the court), and lessons to help shape and build character.

Bottom line, the game of hockey has given so much to us and we would love everyone to have a chance to experience the game for themselves. Our main goal is and always will be to grow the game of hockey in South Florida to provide a healthy, fun and competitive outlet to players for years to come. 

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