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About Youth Hockey Leagues & Clinics


New Youth Season is set to start on Saturday, November 12th, 2022! Register NOW to get your child into our Youth program! Instructional clinics & league play available for children ages 4-17!

New to Youth Roller Hockey?

     Miami Roller Hockey welcomes children 17 & under to suit up and experience the exciting game of roller hockey! We proudly offer a FREE 1 HR LESSON & FREE FULL GEAR RENTAL to all newcomers looking to give the sport of hockey a try. Simply RSVP for your FREE lesson, show up and try it out! It's as simple as that!

     After your lesson, if you or your child do not wish to continue, simply return your gear and walk away with a new experience. Please know that MRH truly appreciates you trying out a new sport and we fully support active lifestyles for children, even if roller hockey isn't a part of it. However, if you/your child fall in love with hockey (which we're pretty confident will happen), MRH will work closely with you to help you obtain quality hockey equipment at a reasonable budget that works for you or you may choose to continue renting our equipment.

Youth Roller Hockey Clinic Information

Miami Roller Hockey hosts Youth Hockey Clinics for children who are looking for a sport to be active, build relationships, learn core values and have fun in the process. Our clinic sessions will cover everything from how to properly stand in your skates to in-game strategy and even managing & maintaining your equipment! Our experienced coaches will guide your children from their very first wobbly step onto the rink to the moment they confidently skate off at the end.

MRH's goal for our Youth Hockey Clinics is to provide a fun curricular for young athletes to learn, understand, and enjoy the game of hockey!

Some of the many things we will learn:
- How to skate!
- Proper hockey stick use
- Stickhandling & Shooting
- Rules of the game
- Penalties and other safety topics
- Understanding & maintaining equipment

For these clinics, we recommend anyone ages 4-14.
Small children preferably accompanied by someone who will assist the child during their lessons and will help the child practice what they learn at home.

Clinic Schedule & Pricing:


MRH Offices Open (for registration/equipment rental): 9am
Coach Instruction: 11:00am - 12:00am

Clinic Session: $20
Full Equipment Rental: $10/week


Before & After 1st Clinic

Youth Roller Hockey League Information

     Our Youth Roller Hockey Clinics are geared on teaching the skills needed to play the once players feel they are ready, it is time to start PLAYING IN GAMES! Our Youth Roller Hockey League is held year round and divided up into "seasons." Each season, players register for the league and coaches pick even teams for players to compete against one another on a weekly basis.
     League fees include a custom team shirt/jersey, 1 hour team practice every week (usually on Thursdays from 7-8pm) AND 1 hour GAME per week ( on Saturdays) complete with player stats on our website/app! (BONUS: We give out FREE ICE POPS to all players after each Youth League Game)

Youth League & Clinics Information

During our Youth Roller Hockey Clinics AND League games, we want to make sure our players are having an amazing time, while also keeping safety as our #1 priority. In order to participate during these events, please make sure you either have the following equipment items or you can rent them from MRH directly...

-Skates (preferably designed for inline hockey w/o brakes)
-Hockey helmet WITH protective cage
-Knee/shin pads 
-Hockey gloves

Strongly Recommended
-Elbow pads
-Hockey girdle
-Mouth guard 
-Protective cup